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Award-winning urologist - and pioneer in Men's Health - Dr. Paul Turek blogs weekly about issues such as infertility, vasectomy and vasectomy reversal, sexual and hormonal dysfunction and more. Keep up with the latest on this fascinating field of medicine.

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Dr. Paul Turek, an Elsevier Author at AUA 2011

Dr. Paul Turek sits down with Elsevier to discuss his most recent publications. To read more about his published work with Elsevier, visit www.elsevierauthors.com/paulturek.

NICHD’s Scientific Vision: The Next Decade

This video features highlights from the scientific visioning process coordinated in 2011 by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), part of the National Institutes of Health. The aim of this process is to develop a scientific vision that inspires NICHD, its many partners, and the research community to think ambitiously and broadly, across traditional disciplinary boundaries, about new ways to advance knowledge and … Continued

“A Guy’s Guide to Maintaining Sexual Health,” Presented By Invitation at Google

As an international thought leader on men’s health issues, Dr. Turek was asked to present an overview of sexual health for men at any age at Google. This talk addresses the concepts and cures for common sexual issues such as low sex drive, infertility, hormonal disturbances and other conditions that affect reproduction.

Clinic by the Bay, San Francisco’s Volunteers in Medicine Clinic

Clinic By the Bay’s overarching goal is to improve access to comprehensive, quality health care for the region’s working uninsured, while providing meaningful opportunities for civic engagement. As one of 84 Volunteers in Medicine clinics nationally, we engage retired and practicing doctors, nurses, and other community volunteers to provide compassionate care, free of charge, to our working uninsured neighbors. As such, Clinic by the Bay is about “neighbor helping neighbor.” … Continued

Myth Busters – Is Coca-Cola a Contraceptive?

The Mythbusters team approached Dr. Turek, an expert in sperm biology, to help them figure out how Coca Cola irrigation of the female reproductive tract after sex could be a contraceptive. They wanted to better understand if there was any biological basis for a Coca Cola “contraceptive effect”. On reviewing their “scientific” experiments, Dr. Turek helps them come to the conclusion that Coca Cola does not necessarily kill sperm on … Continued

Cancer and Male Infertility – Segment on The Economist

The Economist TV (United Kingdom) interviews Dr. Turek about his published research discovery showing that many infertile men may have problems with DNA repair. DNA repair is critical to normal growth and development. Studies show that problems with DNA repair can lead to cancer and infertility in animals. This finding has potentially profound implications on cancer and male infertility, as discussed in the video. The findings could have an impact … Continued

Dr. Paul Turek on TV Show ‘The Doctors’

Jennifer and Brian are struggling to conceive. Brian has been diagnosed with azoospermia and so they went to Dr. Turek to explore their options to have their own child. Dr. Paul Turek explains the latest advances of FNA testicular mapping during the show.

Male Infertility Blockage Repair

CBS This Morning interviews Dr. Turek about a common male infertility blockage problem that can be cured with microsurgery. This is the same kind of procedure that is used to reverse vasectomies, but in this case, the patient did not have a vasectomy. He presented with a blockage of unknown cause and Dr. Turek repaired it microsurgically. As a result of the blockage procedure, the couple conceived naturally afterwards.

Not So Fast: Early Ejaculation Cure

The most common male sexual health problem is early ejaculation. This is defined as ejaculation that occurs too early for the satisfaction of either the patient or his partner. This problem really affects the sex lives of men and is much more common that even erectile dysfunction. In this interview for CBS Evening News, Dr. Turek focuses on the diagnosis of early ejaculation and discusses older and newer treatment options … Continued

Sperm Count Decline

There has been an ongoing and vocal worldwide debate over the past decade about whether or not sperm counts are falling among men. This television interview with Dr. Turek was conducted to learn more about the “truth” behind the perceived worldwide sperm count decline in men. How significant is the trend? Could other issues explain a broad decline in sperm counts across the globe? Dr. Turek discusses these issues.

Male Reproductive Health and Stem Cell Research

Bay Area KTVU Channel 2 interviews Dr. Turek about his exciting breakthrough in male reproductive health. The interview focuses on his recently published research, performed in conjunction with a team from Stanford University, on stems cells found in men’s testes. This research project created stem cells from the testicles of adult men. This is groundbreaking work because it avoids the use of embryos, viruses and other politically charged mechanisms that … Continued

Male Infertility Breakthrough for Non-moving Sperm

Patients with male infertility can often present with sperm in the ejaculate that doesn’t move. Sperm must move to find and fertilize eggs during natural conception. These sperm may be fine in every other way, but in this situation, male infertility is the rule. In this interview with CNN, Dr. Turek describes his published invention that was designed to harmlessly “poke” a nonmoving sperm with a weak sugar solution to … Continued

UCSF Videography: Dr. Turek’s Lecture For the American College of Surgeons

When Dr. Turek ran in to a scheduling conflict, we solved the issue by creating this video lecture for the American College of Surgeons.

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  • Dr. Paul Turek, an Elsevier Author at AUA 2011
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  • “A Guy’s Guide to Maintaining Sexual Health,” Presented By Invitation at Google
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  • Myth Busters – Is Coca-Cola a Contraceptive?
  • Cancer and Male Infertility – Segment on The Economist
  • Dr. Paul Turek on TV Show ‘The Doctors’
  • Male Infertility Blockage Repair
  • Not So Fast: Early Ejaculation Cure
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