Welcome to our free vasectomy reversal resource guide intended for couples considering vasectomy reversal and for vasectomy reversal doctors who would like to learn more about published research on vasectomy reversal. If you are just starting to gather information on the subject, you might find the success rates section and “questions to ask a reversal doctor” helpful. Many patients are also interested in how the age of the vasectomy correlates with the success of the reversal procedure. It benefits many patients to become familiar with the various different reversal techniques, and to review the cost comparison to alternative treatment. Visitors who are serious about getting a reversal might also consider the information about failed reversals, and the procedural risks and complications. Couples who consider Dr. Turek as their first choice for vasectomy reversal should review his bio and CV, his patient success stories and schedule a consult. We appreciate your visit and hope that information provides you with knowledge and wisdom to make the best decisions about vasectomy reversal.

Vasectomy Reversal at The Turek Clinic

Dr. Turek has an international reputation for his surgical skill and is a fellowship-trained microsurgeon. He performs vasectomy reversals weekly. Unlike the vast majority of practicing surgeons, his experience with vasectomy reversals is published, as are many of his innovations. He has trained over 50 urology residents, fellows and practicing urologists around the world in vasectomy reversal techniques. In Dr. Turek’s practice, 40% of the patients he sees have a second obstruction that requires epididymovasostomy and 25% have already failed a vasectomy reversal procedure. Most of his cases are referred by urologists who do not feel comfortable performing a vasectomy reversal on men with older vasectomies because of the high likelihood that an epididymovasostomy is needed. Dr. Turek also routinely tackles cases of traumatic, infectious or congenital obstruction that require microsurgery. Because of his experience as a master surgeon, his complication rates after vasectomy reversal are extremely low and his success rates are very high. Find all the information about the reversal procedure, including success rates, new techniques, cost and alternatives. Learn how to choose the right doctor, why it is recommended to have a sperm retrieval during a reversal and much more.[do action=”clear”/]

Vasectomy Reversal Information Resources

Choosing the Right Vasectomy Reversal Doctor

Beware of doctors and websites that claim they are the best at vasectomy reversal, without offering real evidence that this is true. Read More >

Dr. Turek’s Blog

Read about timely and important issues about vasectomy, vasectomy reversal and men’s health that are regularly reviewed and discussed in his animated and inimitable way by Dr. Turek himself. Visit Dr. Turek’s Blog >

Patient Portal

Use this secure patient portal of The Turek Clinic to make appointments, refill prescriptions and to communicate with us about your vasectomy reversal. This portal protects your privacy with secure features, in case you would like to tell us personal information about your health. Go to our Patient Portal >

Vasectomy With Dr. Turek

Board certified Dr. Turek, one of the “Best Doctors in America”, is the leading expert in vasectomies in the Greater San Francisco area and vasectomy patients come to see him from all over the world. Read more >

Male Fertility Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Turek is an internationally renowned master microsurgeon who is board certified in Urology and one of the “Best Doctors in America” specialized in male fertility diagnosis and treatment. Read more >

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Last update: February 24, 2015